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With bad news comes great faith!

Thursday (October 23rd) was a hard day for me. Day 4 of radiation. The nurses called to tell me our appt had been pushed back by the doctors. My initial thought was, “AJ is not going to like that! Not eating or drinking until 4pm is a lot harder than 10 am!” but then I began to wonder why we were changing.

The doctor came in to meet with me while AJ was in radiation and explained that in further review of the MRI images taken Sept 13th compared to those taken October 14th, they noticed that it appeared that the tumor had grown in size which they had not caught in the original review. This just reaffirmed how aggressive this little tumor beast is! Even though its blood supply was supposed to be damaged for 6 weeks post surgery, this bad boy was already back in action within 4. Our doctor explained that this means Read the rest of this entry