Our faith, prayers, and fasting is not in vain!

praying handsTHANK YOU!

I want you all to know that your faith and prayers are not in vain. Words cannot explain how much they have lifted our spirits today and last night!

Yesterday was a hard day for me. Really hard. All the things I usually try to do to help get my mind in a good place were not working. Hugging my children just made me miss the one that wasn’t there. Cleaning was more just walking in circles holding things because I was unable to focus. While walking for exercise with my newborn, I found myself on the green belt curled up in a ball next to the stroller in tears. My head was a mess. I couldn’t stop thinking of the picture they had painted of what conventional (photon) radiation might do to his little growing brain.

I want each of you to know that we have felt your prayers! Michael and I went to bed at peace with the news that AJ was headed to photon today. As I shared with my family last night, we do not always Understand the Lord’s Plan (recounted by Mitzi)- but we do KNOW that He has one. After being so terrified of photon therapy most of the day yesterday, for some reason now it just feels right.

AJ had his first round of photon this morning which we are at peace with and feel good about. We are scheduled for another round tomorrow if the machine is not back up and working yet, which makes us nervous.

If the machine is not back up and running by Sunday… I will be back… curled up on the green belt if anyone would like to come cry with me 🙂 More than two photon treatments leaves too many unknowns for our AJ.

Thank you for your continued prayers to lift us and to fix that machine fast!


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  1. Karen Mancinelli

    Lani … I feel your pain, anguish, and worry….. Not to mention the sress. You are in a horible storm in your life … No doubt! My best advice is to pace yourself, you are in it for the long haul and you need your own health and strength to continue to be the wonderful Mother you are. Remember Job and how he suffered through no fault of his own… Yet God had a plan. We are all here for you praying for your baby and you. Although it is excruciating to see your child so ill, dig deep into your soul and know that why these tragic things happen is not always for us to know. I assure you Jesus is crying with you. Deep Breath! Always, karen Mancinelli


  2. Here are more prayers.

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