First Scans: ALL CLEAN!!

YEA! We are so excited to share our news that AJ’s first scans are all clear!

We went in Tuesday for our MRI. It seemed like an off day all around. Things were running behind, AJ’s veins were feeling skinny so he had to be poked 4 times before they got him, once actually sedated and having the MRI he woke up 3 times saying “I’m scared, I’m scared!” crawling out of the tunnel of the big machine, so they had to give him more anesthesia to really knock him out.

It was so sad to see him groggily trying to crawl out of the giant donut aka MRI machine.

It was so sad to see him groggily trying to crawl out of the giant donut aka MRI machine.

We have come a long way in the past 4 months. Michael and I were able to sit in and watch the MRI this time. Big machines don’t scare me as much. Instead I have found they almost bring comfort. Michael and I watched that big machine, listening to the loud noises it made through our ear plugs, and both gave thanks for such wonderful technology to be able to help take care of our baby. I didn’t cry until I saw his little body groggily trying to crawl away from the scary machine. They have to put his head in a trap so he doesn’t move but somehow he wiggled out of it. His head poking out of that big donut machine is a site I will never forget.

We were supposed to get our results that night with a phone call from the doctor. The phone call never came so we decided to face the facts it wasn’t coming and headed to bed at 11.

The next morning when we texted the dr at 930 he apologized that his internet was down so he hadn’t been able to pull up the images but would shortly. He called me and said, “It’s all good!” and I, wanting to make sure I was understanding and wasn’t missing the truth through his accent said, “What’s all good?”. He then replied, “The scans, they look all clean! so go enjoy your next 3 months and I will see you then”.

We feel so blessed and grateful to be able to live “cancer free” for the next 3 months (hopefully longer) until the next scan. Cancer Free is a hard term because although we are hopeful and pretty sure we are cancer free, some of those buggers are sleeper cells that we can’t see yet because they are still paralyzed from the awesome proton radiation we attacked them with and we have to wait to see if they get their energy back. We know they were pretty darn aggressive 3 months ago and just hope that the weapon of radiation did the trick to make these bad guys stay away (see how I slipped into my Monologue to how I explain it to Houston there?:) In 3 months we take another scan to see if that is still the case!

Until then… WOO HOO! we will be living life to the fullest!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of the any prayers and support and help over the past 4 months! It is kind of weird for to just slip a switch and pretend to go on with life like it never happened, but in the back of our heads knowing it did and might happen again. Thank you for your help these past 4 months! We still have a long journey ahead of us, but they burden is much lighter.

Thank you for being a part of AJ’s team!

Thank you for being a part of AJ's Team!!!

Thank you for being a part of AJ’s Team!!!


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  1. Hey
    thanks for sharing your information.i know this is hard to go through this.there are many hard procedure.i hope you are ok.
    please consider this


  2. Hello. My name is Anthony. My 5 year old daughter Lillian and I are staying at the Ronald McDonald house in Jacksonville and found your entry in the journal. We are here for our radiation vacation as well. On thanksgiving 2014 she was diagnosed with a tumor. The doctors were able to do total gross resection. We found out 10 days later that it was glioblastoma grade 4. Today is our 7th treatment of radiation. Only 26 left. We also started chemotherapy. It is amazing how strong and brave our children are. I am happy to hear the mri is clear. It was only two weeks ago that my wife and I were waiting to here if an mri was clear. I will pray for your son.


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