Angels Among Us: Farewell Baby Lindy

Some of you might remember back in December when I wrote a blog post about The Lord carrying us through our trials and a couple women who are examples through trials. I talked about my cousin Sarah who had recently lost her baby to SIDS and a friend Katie who had been diagnosed with cancer and was going through chemo treatments.

Today I want to expound on Katie’s updated story: Good news and not so good news.

The fall of 2014 was a busy time for the Hogue family. Katie gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Lindy Jo Hogue. Lindy brought joy, laughter and light into her family.
Katie2The week after Lindy was born, Katie was diagnosed with cancer. Despite the terrible disease, the Hogue family continued to be an example of faith and strength. Katie has said throughout her battle with cancer, she felt as if Lindy was sent to her to be a light during this time of hardship.

On April 2, 2015 the Hogue’s celebrated the news that Katie was considered “cancer free”! Happiness filled their family. Next step for Katie was to have surgery to remove the port that had given her chemo treatments every other week for the past 6 months and then begin her life “cancer free”.

She arrived home from surgery, ready to begin her life again as a healthy mommy, to find her sweet baby Lindy, her angel through her 6 months of cancer, had returned to live with her Heavenly Father during naptime. Born the week before Katie’s diagnosis, and returned back to Heaven the day after being declared Cancer Free.

The Hogue family is currently in Iowa for schooling, but will be heading back to Utah for funeral services and to say their “Til we Meet Agains” to baby Lindy.

In your prayers tonight, give thanks for your blessings, and also a special blessing upon the Hogue family .

If you feel so inclined, they have set up a fund to help with travel, medical, and funeral expenses. As the lucky recipient of many donations in the past 6 months, let me assure EVERY donation, no matter the amount, is greatly appreciated (and usually accompanied by tears of gratitude:).



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