When our lightning struck

Michael and I were reflecting last night that it has been almost a year since AJ was diagnosed with Cancer (September 11, 2014). Wow how time flies! As Michael put AJ to sleep last night, we asked him if he remembered Gina, Cole, Luke, Aaron, Cooper, or any of the gang. None of it seemed to ring a bell. (Well, except the Ronald McDonald House but he has been calling every McDonald’s we have passed in the past year a Ronald McDonald House 🙂

As I watched this video today, I wept feeling so strongly that it was a miracle of God that OUR little AJ has not only survived, but is doing so well. I am grateful for the Lord and for the wonderful priesthood holders that were able to give our baby blessings when our lightning struck.

Thank you for the many worthy priesthood holders who were there when we needed them to give a blessing to AJ or to us to bring comfort. We have grown so much this past year and our grateful to each of you for helping us become who and where we are today.


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