Buy a bag from Thirty-One Gifts

Buy a bag from Thirty-One Gifts

Thirty-One-Gives---samplesOur friends Tarryn Batton and Tristina Eaton are holding a fundraiser through Thirty-One Gifts.

MeiLani recently wrote the following about Thirty-One:

For years I have steered clear of Thirty-One parties, insisting I did not need another bag. Well, my friends… I was wrong! These are not just another bag. I became a HUGE fan because they donate bags and embroider them for each Ronald McDonald House parent… plus it is the most useful and practical bag I have ever owned. I’m hooked!

Thirty-One bag - RMHC Jax

This is the type of bag MeiLani received from the Ronald McDonald House.

We’ll be posting more details soon, but for now, feel free to follow that link and purchase any item you like! Tarryn is a Thirty-One Gifts consultant so feel free to contact her for questions.

RMH Thirty-One bags

These bags were donated by Thirty-One Gifts to a Ronald McDonald House in New York.



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